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ISBN: 9789151911274


utgivningsdatum: 2019-04-19

Lagom - The Very Unofficial guide to the Swedes av Amnéus Christer

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r knowledge. And, mind you, the writer is a Swedish citizen, who has ...LÄS MER ...LÄS MER never lived in an English-speaking country, only visited some of them. So pardon the language in its Swenglish shape.
Christer Amnéus used to teach English and German at an Upper Secondary School (students aged 16 – 19).He has published numerous books for educational use throughout his forty years in the classroom. Added to that, also some forty manuscripts for the Swedish Educational Radio.
Another important part of his career has been scripts for a dozen cabarets, a number of acts for entertainment use and lyrics for light pop music.
Since his retirement, he has spent a lot of time indulging in popular music, literature, genealogy and DNA.
He has a site: https://lagompublishing.com, where some of his books are introduced and where they can be ordered.